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These are the projects I am currently working on (all the painting/modelling, however, is being undertaken by craftsmen far more talented than me):

Project 1: The Trojan War

Inspired by David Gemmell's wonderful trilogy of books on the Trojan War, the movie "Troy", Peter Connolly's magnificent artwork in "The Legend of Odysseus" and "The Greek Armies", and Caesar's excellent 1/72 Trojans and Myceneans.

This consists of 3 terrain boards: (1) the beach where the Greek ships will land and I'll game both an opposed landing, and the Greeks defending their ships against a Trojan attack; (2) the plains surrounding the city where most battles will be fought; and (3) the great city itself (main gateway currently being constructed). This is being built for me by Mr Ged Finch.

The Great Gate and Mighty Walls take shape.....

A few from inside the walls....

Another view inside the walls...

Close up of the Great Gates and Caesar figures for scale purposes...

A view from the walls....

Overhead seen by the Gods :-)





Caesar 1/72 Myceneans painted for me by Mr Kevin Smallwood. Trojans to come.

Project 2: Modern North Africa

Inspired by the wonderful group of gamers who run this modern Crossfire gaming site:

Conisits of entirely fictitious countries and factions, but indirectly relates to Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Libya and the Sudan.

At this stage my forces will comprise a Marxist Government Army supplied with T-55s, BMPs, and Soviet advisors, an Islamist Militia with old or captured AFVs and technicals, a Government sponsored Militia with technicals and camel-borne fighters, a British UN Force with Warriors and Scimitars, and a US Marine Force with M60s and AAV-7A1s.


Painting, modelling and conversions all completed for me by Mr Mark Griffin.

Arab Village built for me by Mr Mark Griffin.

Basic village for gaming.

Project 3: Osgiliath (Lord of the Rings)

This is actually a project that was completed last year for me by Mr Ged Finch: the Gondorian city of Osgiliath built alongside the River Anduin, on the border of Gondor and Mordor.


This terrain was built with three scenarios in mind (1) the Orc attack across the river in their invasion barges; (2) the battle for the ruined City itself; and (3) the Gondorian counter attack to try and re-take the City.

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