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I have a large Mexican force of Infantry and Artillery based on the Imex figure sets. I am still considering using some of the Airfix Napoleonic French infantry I have as well, as I prefer my Mexicans to be smaller and swarthier than the tall, slim Imex figures. The one Mexican Army will be used for both the 1836 War of Texan Independence and the 1846-48 US-Mexican War.
My Texan/US forces are in two parts. Firstly, the irregular types defending the Alamo and making up Fannin's command at Goliad, and secondly, the US Army of 1846-48 (part of which doubles as Sam Houston's Army of Texas). Not quite accurate, but it suits me.....
These figures were painted by Kyle Tompkins and Annie Miller-Tompkins. Kyle and Annie are great folks and professional figure painters. If you want some figures painted you can contact them at:

"Come and Take it"

Alamo Defenders

US Army in Mexico 1846-48

Mexican Artillery Battery

Mexican gun and crew

Santa Anna and his Staff

Mexican Infantry (and peon)

Mexican Infantry

Mexican Infantry