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A very nice DBA Greek Hoplite army that I recently acquired.
1x4Sp (Gen), 1x3Cv, 7x4Sp, 1x3Aux, 1x4Bw, & 1x2Ps.

With 7 stands of hoplites, these figures also represent the core of another half dozen DBA armies so with minor additions they are very versatile.

Command stand - General, musician, two hoplites

7 stands of 4 spear armed hoplites

1 stand of 3 Greek cavalry

1 stand of 4 Greek bowmen

1 stand of 3 Thracian auxiliaries

1 stand of 2 Greek psiloi javelinmen

The figures are Zvezda Greeks with some HaT figures used for the cavalry. Perhaps the best cast 1/72 figures on the market. The existing shield designs were cut off and new shields have been laser printed and put on top. The figures are primed black to bring out the texture and shadow and are beautifully based with sand, gravel and brush plants.