Annual Swapmeet, Christchurch, NZ.

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Annual Swapmeet, Christchurch, NZ.
2008 Bovington Wargames Convention
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My good friend Glenn Sibbald has been running an annual Swapmeet in Christchurch, NZ for the past 11 years. The Swapmeet is an annual get together for wargamers, toy soldier collectors and plastic modellers to meet, sell or swap their unwanted treasures, and acquire lots of new treasure.
It is held the last weekend of July each year. I've been attending for the past 7 years and I return to NZ for it every year. While it is a great place to find gems, the real treasure is the opportunity to catch up with so many friends and like-minded hobbyists over a concentrated two-day period.
This year my haul comprised a large number of beautifully painted 1/72 WW2 figures (painted by John Noble), an early desert 20mm Brit Army, lots of 1/72 built AFVs, magazines (including a complete bound set of Purnells History of the 20th Century), books, some 25mm battle-damaged Daleks, a large built/painted Millenium Falcon, a set of Panzer videos, about 20 nicely built/painted 1/72 aircraft (WW2 plus a few moderns), a Britains Pak 40, and some Timpo swoppets. Also picked up some boxes of the latest Strelets & HaT releases from Young Stan, and some painted Revell Modern German Commandos from Stu Prince.....which I swapped to him 2 years ago :-)
.....and that's just what I can remember!!
Here are a few pics of the 2005 Swapmeet: