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World War One was a monumental clash of arms fought in multiple theatres. The Western front commenced with massive battles of maneouvre before stalemating in trench warfare and then opening up again at the end. The Eastern front remained relatively mobile until Russia's collapse and withdrawal. Actions in Africa and the Middle East were fascinating and offer very colourful wargaming potential. 
As my earliest impressions of WWI were of apalling losses, apalling generalship, and stalemate between opposing trench lines...there seemed little to recommend it as an era to be wargamed. But the more you read the more you can't help being fascinated by every aspect of this terrible war.
I highly recommend  'The Great Adventure", a WW1 war games site, focused mostly on the use of 20mm plastic figures using the Great War Spearhead wargames rules. The site is managed by a fellow Kiwi, Robin Sutton.
Ultimately I want to build armies to fight all theatres. Here are some figures I recently acquired:

1. Early War British Army
World War One British troops from Airfix, painted to a basic standard:
192 infantry
3 guns with 3 gunners each
20 Cavalry


2. Early War French Army
World War One French troops from Airfix, painted to a basic standard:
192 infantry
No guns but  6 bases with 2 gunners each
4 Mounted Generals


3. Early War German Army
World War One German troops from Airfix, painted to a basic standard:
424 infantry
6 scratchbuilt guns with 2 gunners each


German A7V Tanks

Amazing scratch-built British AA gun mounted on truck