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My Zulus and Brits were painted by Mr Joe Barette. I have subsequently added many more Zulus based on the firm belief that you can never have enough Zulus!!
I had originally intended gaming the Colonial era in a much smaller scale using a DBA derivative from an old issue of Wargames Illustrated. But then Joe came along.......
The British Army comprises:
155 British Infantry
2 guns
12 gunners
1 gun limber
2 Quartermaster wagons
12 lancers + 12 dismountedt
8 mounted rifles
8 Frontier Light Horse + 8 dismounted
5 Natal Mtd Police + 5 dismounted
5 Natal Carbineers + 5 dismounted
4 Stanger Mtd Rifles + 4 dismounted
6 Dismounted Boers
6 Mounted Officers + 4 dismounted officers to match
5 Color Guard.. 2 color bearers 1 Queens + 1 Regimental + 3 buglers
15 dead guys 1 representative for each particular unit and 8 Brit regulars
14 Sikhali Horse + 14 dismounted Includes Durnford and William P. Vereker
55 Natal Native Contingent
1. The 17th Lancers were converted from Esci Polish Lancers using British heads w/ pins and epoxy.
2. The FLH were a combination of Scots greys (most of the cav was converted from the esci set) and ACW confederates heads.
3. The two guns from the Royal Artillery with 12 gunners and a limber were mostly composed from the Airfix British Napoleonic set with an exchange of heads.  A few of the figures are Esci.
4. The 55 NNC figures are just Zulu's with red bands painted across their heads and they have a higher percentage of rifles.

The British Army

17th Lancers (mounted and dismounted)

British Infantry

Frontier Light Horse (mounted and dismounted)

NNC Sikhali Horse with Durnford (mounted and dismounted)

Royal Horse Artillery

Two Quartermaster's wagons with troops unloading boxes and 8 dismounted Boers

The Zulu Army

The Zulus getting closer.....

Too late!!!