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This is my collection of Revell 30 Years War figures that I acquired from Mr Richard Cowler. The collection comprises of two matched armies - the Imperialists and the Swedes. Figures are mounted on textured bases compatable with DBR type rules, and they are organized into regiments / brigades. Units have appropriate command figures and standards and there are quite a few conversions.


The Imperialist army comprises of 30 fully armoured Cuirassiers, 72 half-armoured cavalry, 6 armoured Lancers, 6 mounted Dragoons,18 Croat Light Cavalry, 8 regiments of 24 foot (organised into elements of 6 per regiment - 1/3 pike and 2/3 shot) 4 Heavy/Medium cannon with 20 crew and 3 baggage wagons. Total of 132 mounted , 192 foot, 4 cannon and 20 crew (and 3 baggage wagons!).


The Swedes comprise of 12 fully armoured Cuirassiers, 77 Half-armoured cavalry, 9 Dragoons, 7 regiments/brigades of 24 foot (organised into elements of 6 per unit - 1/3 pike and 2/3 shot), 24 'commanded shot', 2 Heavy/Medium and 4 Light Cannon with 18 crew and 3 baggage wagons. Total of 98 mounted, 192 foot, 6 cannon and 18 crew (and 3 more baggage wagons!).

30YW Figures

30YW Figures

30YW Figures

30YW Figures

30YW Figures

30YW Figures