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My love of 1/72 scale plastic figures began by watching my older cousins paint and play with their Airfix HO scale toy soldiers. I guess that combined with the stirring war/western movies of the day and comics like Battle, Warlord and Commando meant an interest in toy soldiers was almost inevitable.

My first box of figures were Matchbox WW2 Germans. Now I guess I have almost 100,000 painted 1/72 scale figures.My three favourite eras are Ancients, Napoleonics and WW2.

Despite being a confirmed 20mm plastics man, you will see that I have "dabbled in the dark side" of 25/28mm for sci-fi and fantasy categories where no 20mm figures exist.

This site represents a small portion of my total collection, and the older pics will gradually be phased out as I post new/better pics via my new blog.



The Roman Legions holds their ground.....

The Roman Legions hold their ground......

HaT Austrian cuirassiers at the charge........

Russland Sentinels on the prowl.....