Places to Visit: The Mikasa

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Places to Visit: NZ Army Museum, Waiouru
Places to Visit: The Mikasa
Places to Visit: Yushukan War Museum, Tokyo
Places to Visit: Korean War Museum, Seoul
Annual Swapmeet, Christchurch, NZ.
2008 Bovington Wargames Convention
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The Mikasa was Admiral Togo's flagship at the battle of Tsushima in 1905. Japan's crushing victory over the Russian Baltic Fleet has been described as the most complete in the annals of sea warfare.
The Mikasa was built in Britain  and completed in 1902 at a cost of 880,000 pounds. She carried 4 x 12 inch guns, 14 x 6 inch guns, 20 x 3 inch guns, and 4 Torpedo tubes. After WW2 she was stripped in accordance with the demilitarization of Japan and all but forgotten. However by 1961 she had been restored and put on public display thanks to a joint campaign by the US Navy and the Japanese public.
Today she resides at Yokosuka nearby the US Naval base. While the ship is magnificent in its own right, she is also a floating museum of memorabilia associated with the Russo-Japanese War.
The Mikasa, the Victory and the Constellation are the three greatest ships of the pre WW1 era still in existence. Don't miss the opportunity to see this magnificent vessel if you are ever in Tokyo.