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This collection of figures would not have been possible without the help of my very good friend, Terence "the Convertimator" Corrigan, a South African fellow currently residing in Taipei.
I wanted to put the comprehensive Revell range of Modern Germans to use and figured I needed an opponent for them. The options were limited, but I decided on a scenario that had German peace-keepers in Bosnia clashing with Serb Forces. Then I read Larry Bond's novel "Cauldron" so will also look to use them in a scenario against Polish and US Forces (Polish Forces currently under construction!!). 
The Germans are standard Revell Modern Germans. The Serbs have been built from a mix of Esci Warsaw Pact and Spetsnaz with some WW2 Japanese and British Commando headgear. 

Modern Germans

German Marder APC (Revell 1/72 Kit)

Serbian Regulars (ex Yugoslav Army)

Serb Irregulars/Paramilitaries (note the guy wearing Balaclava)

Serb Irregulars/Paramilitaries

T-80 Tank (Revell 1/72 Kit)