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When I first saw this movie I was not impressed. I was comparing it to Aliens and Star Wars and I exected it to take itself seriously in the same vein. It didn't. It was completely cheesey and over the top......and that was the intention.
There are some very inspirational sites on the web of guys playing Starship Trooper  wargames, and after seeing these I was hooked. I'm using the old galoob range of figures, bugs, dropships, etc.....together with my wonderful fort built for me by Andy Roalfe.

Fort to be defended by the Troopers against the Bug hordes (built by Andy Roalfe).

Replaceable wall section.......where the Bugs have smashed their way in!!

The Troopers deploy from their Dropships

Ambush........the bugs are upon them!!

A valiant last stand....


Baby Tanker Bugs clean up the scraps.....

Can nothing stop the Bug Army??

Salvation!! The Brain Bug is captured in a special forces operation behind Bug lines!!

The unit of Special Force Troopers disembark from their Dropship

The Bugs......

The Brain Bug captured.......

3 Warrior Bugs in front, 2 Hopper Bugs behind.

Wargaming Ideas
If you visit the South London Warlords website they have a brilliant series of pictures to accompany a set of rules called "Bugs" that they have developed. The rule set is also downloadable in PDF format. You can find their website at:   ......then click on the appropriate pic.
I've uplifted one of their pics to give you a taste: